Komoot Alley Cat

Inspired by the bike courier scene, an Alley Cat is a cycle race with a number of challenges. In order to complete the challenges given to you in a manifest, you need to plan smart and cycle fast. For the Komoot Alley Cat most of the route is fixed, but there are many variations and optional deviations and you need to decide which route will be the most efficient.

A Manifest is a list of tasks that need to be completed, and these tasks define your planned route. A manifest traditionally consists of a list of things you have to pick up or stamps you have to collect at certain addresses. For the Komoot Alley Cat there are no pick-up points or urban obstacles, but there are komoot highlights and other waypoints to include on your route. Plus a number of en route assignments and tour upload requirements.

After the race, you are rewarded with a craft beer and pulled pork nacho’s and of course, there are many prizes to be won!

Read a great report of the Komoot Alley Cat by Erwin Sikkens here.


  • Category : 50/50 Assorted Gravel/Road

  • Next edition : ?

  • Location : Rock City Brewpub

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